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  1. You must provide a business and resale license
  2. You must be a properly licensed dispensary service
  3. Purchase a case of cartridges

ROSIN PROCESSING SERVICE is now accepting donations of well-kept, high grade medical cannabis and accepting new clients for our processing service. We offer the processing service for a 60/40 split in our client’s favor. All of our concentrates are extracted from your material in a closed-loop system using only medical grade solvents and are given a minimum of a 48-hour vacuum purge. Our technique offers an average residual solvent of just <10 PPM.

All Material accepted must meet our standard requirements to ensure your satisfaction. Guidelines for material submission are as follows:

-material must be sugar leaf, trim, or flower only (stems and fan leaves will diminish the quality of your product)
-must be fully flushed of all nutrients
-material has not have been sprayed in anyway during flowering (organic sprays included)
-dried completely
-stored in jars, vacuum sealed bags, or turkey bags (plastic bags diminish flavor and appearance)
-gloves have been worn at all times when handled (oils from your skin will seep into plant material lessening quality)
-optimal run size is 600-700 gram, minimum is 448.